Kadira improvements


Just a heads up that I have a PR open towards monti to remove underscore from the client side ( https://github.com/monti-apm/monti-apm-agent/pull/7 ), but I also am working on a larger refactoring, bringing it to modern ES standards. I work on it every now and then when I have a little time to spare, so it might form a good basis for further extensions.


From my side - with many APM packages and UI’s in existance, I’d like to see us move toward an API specification. To decouple the package from the server. Specifically, I’d like to see three things:

  1. the ability to define arbitrary types, with custom UI without modifying the package, either by sending a configuration message to the server, or by allowing arbitrary styling information to be sent with each event (easier, but would cause dramatic overhead).
  2. the ability to define arbitrary groupings, not just methods, pub/sub, but potentially methods, pub/sub, defers, page views, anything else I want, e.g., tracking self-defined methods separately from package-defined methods.

These two things would mean that in the future package authors could extend their preferred APM package with other actions they would like to log, without having to modify a server they potentially dont control.


Yes, you are completely right. I am planning to do this when I complete my current apm package. It will be something that will collect events with time logs, then you decide what to do with this data, save it to db or send to elastic, kadira or something else.