Kadira missing live update statistics?


We recently moved over from MDG Kadira to open source Kadira, and I’ve noticed that everything works with the exception of the Live Updates tab: all of those stats are showing 0 for every publication. Has anyone else run into this issue?


I just setup Kadira yesterday so I’ll check. Do you mean the LiveQueries tab? I’m showing numbers next to each of mine.


I’m experiencing a similar problem. After the installation, it has passed more than 30 minutes and no data has been generated. It just shows “Loading”.

Other ranges are woking for you @brianlukoff?


It turns out that my problem was due to redis-oplog, which makes sense in retrospect! I think you may have a different issue (I was otherwise getting data except the Live Updates tab). Check that you are sending data to the right endpoint with the right port - it may be as simple as the endpoint in your code not matching with the way you set up your Kadira server.


Same thing here. I am running the docker containers from the other thread. Everything was working just fine and then stopped. When I log into mongo I can see there is lots of data there and logs also show data is being received, the UI never finishes loading.


Try adding indexes to your Kadira database – they aren’t added by the code. See this for an example: