Kadira shutdown delayed until at least end of April

Just got this mail from Arunoda . So it seems Kadira might continue existing after all. Fingers crossed. Personally I would love someone to take it over and keep updating it. There really is nothing like it for Meteor.

Few months ago, we were promised to release a self-hosted version of Kadira at the end of this month (Feb 2017).

But we were trying (and still working on it) to migrate the maintenance of Kadira to some other party. With that, you could use Kadira as is and there won’t be any migration process.

That’s why we didn’t release the self-hosted version yet.

We haven’t finalized those discussion yet. So, we won’t terminate Kadira services by end of this month. We’ll be running it for at-least another two months.


Yes, this would also be my favorite option. Arunoda and his team deserve it, and a hosted solution is way better than having to host it yourself.

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Personally, I’d much prefer self-hosted, if only because I think it needs some love and the big risk with a hosted solution is that development is likely to be frozen.


Well, why not provide 2 options - self-hosted for big price with a year of support and updates (look at the Atlassian pricing) and hosted at smaller chunks like now. Of course, that would mean commitment for at least 1 year for Kadira.

Good marketing and business organization is what many startups (including Meteor, alas) miss. I have seen Audiograbber 20 years ago - the only app in the market at that time to convert from .wav to .mp3 quit business with a note, I even have found it on some site, which profits from its zombie:

" It has been a great journey and experience making Audiograbber and it has paid off well so now I feel it is time to give something back to the “Internet and MP3 community” so freeware it will be. I am also fed up with all the administrative work which I now hope it will be less of. I will continue developing Audiograbber and with less administrative work I can hopefully spend more time making new versions."

Alas, great people, creative people often just miss some good business partner to make it happen. Startups (creative side) give up their administrative and organizing power to ventures and after that they are at the sole discretion of external capital and their decision making power.

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