Kadira's Total Sessions chart is empty

We’re hosting our own kadira, and the issue we have since a few months, is that our Total Sessions chart is completely empty at all times.

I’m not sure how kadira does session tracking, but we must’ve broken something. Does someone have any insights into this?

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Which version of Meteor are you running? At 1.8.1 Kadira stops working unless you manually update your meteorx package.

Ha, I didn’t know that. We’re using @lamhieu’s meteorx, is that not enough?

Same issue here.

I just updated two different apps to Meteor 1.8.1. In Meteor APM on Galaxy, all things seem to be working in both apps, except on one of them the Total Session is non-responsive and set to zero. The app where Total Sessions works uses staringatlights:fast-render which depends on lamhieu:meteorx@2.0.1.

So will try adding lamhieu:meteorx@2.0.1 to the other app.

I fixed some issues for 1.8.1 You can merge it to your repo or just use it “as is” We use it in production last 3 months, works good.

Maybe we should find one package to maintain it as Meteor Community package @storyteller what do you think?

https://github.com/afrokick/kadira - APM ( remove stuff for old meteor, rewrite to es6)
https://github.com/afrokick/meteor-apm-server - APM server (additionally implemented polling for Alerts for non-replica-set DBs) We run it with docker.

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Well there are things like Monti APM. Still I would encourage you to open an issue on organization. There is already an effort for new package web, so if enough people are interested I see no reason why not to.

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We need to store all data in our infrastructure, so we cannot use MontiAPM or similar services.

I created an issue to transfer package.

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@zodern maintains this package https://github.com/monti-apm/monti-apm-agent It works with 1.8.1+

I added lamhieu:meteorx@2.0.1 to my app that didn’t have it and it’s still reporting zero sessions in Meteor APM.

Oddly, I actually had to clone lamhieu:meteorx into my local packages folder because atmosphere kept adding the latest version (2.1.1) in my versions file even after specifying meteor add lamhieu:meteorx@2.0.1. And it was a top-level add, so nothing else is forcing it to the later version. I guess atmosphere no longer has the old version or something?

Anyway, I got it added at the desired version but I’m still seeing zero sessions. Yet my other app on Meteor 1.8.1 is working as expected in Meteor APM. The working app gets lamhieu:meteorx@2.0.1 from a dependency in staringatlights:fast-render@3.2.0. Not sure if that package has anything to do with it. But it works. :thinking:

Anyone have any more suggestions on this? I’m using the native Meteor APM on Galaxy so I assume the monti-apm-agent isn’t of use to me. This seems like a reasonable bug to alert MDG/Tiny to if the standard Galaxy Meteor APM isn’t working correctly on recent versions of Meteor.

I solved the issue. I was running an older version of mdg:meteor-apm-agent. Removing lamhieu:meteorx had no affect. Working fine without it.