Keep file upload going even if route changes

I’m building a digital asset management app for internal use at my work-place (film distribution) and am using VeliovGroup/Meteor-Files to handle the uploads etc.

As we deal with large video files (100GB+), it’d be great to have a file upload that is persistent across the app so if the user changes routes while uploading a file, the upload continues. Think Google Drive.

I’ve spent some time searching but couldn’t see anything helpful so and suggestions here are greatly appreciated.

You have to give us more information. In case its actually all reversed…
Router actually isn’t related to file handling in any way, so its usually not the issue.

If you’re using Blaze, put the actual upload code in your main / layout view controller and the controller will persist across route changes.

You can still have the button that kicks off the actual upload in some sub view.