Keycloak client integration help and lack of documentation

Hi everyone , i have a private client application which i need to consume a keycloak authorization service inside of it . The meteor app is using meteor v1.9 . There are a lot of community packages for keycloak in atmosphere , but most of them not working properly and most of them not even redirect to keycloak login page. Here what i have tried:
First i tried keycloak packages

  1. eoleteam:accounts-keycloak had Oauth handshake problem.
  2. mohamedbhy:accounts-keycloak : keycloak page didn’t open
  3. shayank:accounts-keycloak : keycloak page didn’t open
  4. hotello:accounts-keycloak : Oauth handshake problem as same above image
  5. caoool:accounts-keycloak : oauth handshake problem again as same above image
  6. mxab:keycloak-oauth gives this : error in Oauth Sever:invalid request , with same configuration values as other packages

Then i gave up and tried many OpenID connect packages. Here’s what i have tried:

  1. salleman:accounts-oidc : error of this =>
(oauth_server.js:392) Error in OAuth Server: id is not defined
I20220915-16:11:44.958(3)? Exception while invoking method 'login' ReferenceError: id is not defined
I20220915-16:11:44.958(3)?     at Object.handleOauthRequest (packages/salleman_oidc.js:39:68)
I20220915-16:11:44.959(3)?     at OAuth._requestHandlers.<computed> (packages/oauth2/oauth2_server.js:10:33)
I20220915-16:11:44.959(3)?     at middleware (packages/oauth/oauth_server.js:161:5)
I20220915-16:11:44.959(3)?     at /Users/berkaltug/.meteor/packages/promise/. {
I20220915-16:11:44.962(3)?   message: 'id is not defined'
I20220915-16:11:44.963(3)? }
  1. switch:accounts-oidc : this packages renders auth page and says page not found .
  2. tonyrapozo:oidc-client : this one not even redirects to auth page.
  3. ddxdental:accounts-oidrc : there is no provided Meteor.loginWith implementation
  4. akarda:accounts-oidc : there is no provided Meteor.loginWith implementation too

The one who bring me most close to the solution was the ones giving the handshake error.
For your information , all the configurations was set up by Meteor.configurations.upsert method as convenient to packages examples provided in readme sections.

Then i wanted to find out how those people integrate their packages with meteor’s Account system. But official docs of Meteor.Accounts only shows how to use default options. There’s no any docs for integrating our custom authorization system with it. If anyone know please share with me some docs ?

I wanted to learn how to use official accounts-oauth package too , but again there’s no information for custom service configuration , not even usage documentation. Again if anyone know some link please share.

And also i want to know what could be the reason of the handshake problem , is it from broken packages , or from keycloak auth server ?
NOTE : keycloak auth server is not something i’m controlling , company has built it already and i need to consume it only.