Khorinis — solid way to write Meteor applications


What is Khorinis?

  • Set of rules on how to write Meteor applications
  • Meteor package

Khorinis keeps your code well-structured and easy-maintained

Khorinis provides solid rules on how to write Meteor applications. These rules guarantee that your code will be well-structured and easy-maintained.

Khorinis advises on how to structure project tree, how to name files and folders, how to separate server and client code, how to write templates, how to name CSS classes, how to write JS, and some other things.

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Good guidelines. I think now it makes more sense to use the ES2015 modules standard instead of the fragments with the k function. makes ES2015 modules usable now via the solid SystemJS.


Thanks for reply!

Yes, I’m thinking about using modules instead of k-fragments. Need to take a deep look on universe:modules package.