Kudos on the Meteor Guide, it's an excellent resource

I just wanted to say a big thank you to those responsible for producing Meteor - The Official Guide, it really is an excellent document.

As a .net coding shop looking to incorporate Meteor into our repertoire this is exactly what we needed to really understand not only how to do things, but also why things work the way they do.

This quality of literature is really reassuring to us as part of making the decision to invest the time in Meteor.


I’m happy with the Guide too. :smile:

But I also notice people frequently asking on IRC/Gitter/Slack about non-Galaxy deployment stuff, which is not in the Guide except for Meteor-Up recommendation. As soon as people start having problem with Meteor-Up not working for them for any reason, they get stuck with what else to do.

I’d be glad if this part of the Guide got a bit move love.

I second that - its really good… and I’ve bought most every Meteor course/book out there.
Although Im not a devshop, I will launch 2/3 online business this year… I’ve spent a lot of the week exploring alternatives. The guide inspired me to think l’ll just run with Meteor. However, I’ll see what 1.3 brings, rethink mobile and wait for Galaxy to be routinely available…(as its invite only, I guess its not properly commoditised…?)