Lack of being able to support plane old require to import modules correctly hurts kittens

Here’s my issue, and by the way I’m totally not used to the framework so maybe the scope thing is a just a pain point for newbies. I use CoffeeScript and before this mostly brunch and gulp. What I like to see at the top of my code is my organization in import statements. I have CJSX files working with my setup. Everything is Going just fine.

However! CoffeeScript uses var for every variable, this is not compatible with the loosey goosey global naming schema in Meteor, which assumes all non-variable “var” statements are are inferred to as global scope. Sorry, that is kind of lame for me.
Is there a better global I can use, or the best way to add one to the framework? I’m completely new to meteor, I like it, although I really just want model the scope (for organization) with require or require-like statements that look like a java or python import to help me understand these relationships, for instance:

ArticleCollection = require(’./lib/collection/article_collection’)

If Meteor doesn’t support kind of app modeling, I want to impose my own type of scope like require. BTW, I’m not talking about Npm.require, which is completely different. isn’t supported, and doesn’t work with a module.exports command.

It’s coming hopefully soon:

I completely agree that having modules would be better than what we have now.