Lack of resources in Android Development


I am new to meteor. It seems cool when you look its features like speed and hot push. But integrating these into Android does not have the right procedure.
All I understood by reading meteor forums is you should have known cordova for creating apps in android. But there is no no guidance for that.
When you start searching for something in android related with meteor, what you get is

add-platform android
run android-device

If its that’s easy, why cordova is even required?

Initially I thinks that you need to build your website responsive but even in that approach cordova does not play any role.

Everyone has developed a todo app and treat it like that the 8th wonder of the world, using meteror.

I want to develop some basic apps like fetching data from api and display into that list with some swipes, that’s it.
Is there any project from where I could start, that works with cordova as well?
I don’t know where to get start.
Please help

Hey there. It honestly is as simple as it sounds. If you make a web application in Meteor, you can export it as is and run it on Android and it will function exactly the same. You don’t need to “know” Cordova at all. Cordova is a tool that creates an Android executable (.apk) that contains a web browser that displays your application. Easy-peasy. Meteor uses Cordova. That’s all.

Building for Mobile Documentation

Hi bmanturner,
I guess it’s not that simple. There is also syntex from cordova which is required to put also in the existing code, I don’t have any idea how to make that code work.
Please help me with a sample if you have any.

The only thing you need in addition to the regular web app is a mobile-config.js file. You can find a working sample in the Meteor todo app respository:

This should work out of the box, without any other changes to your code. Cordova-specific code is only needed if you want to differentiate between web and mobile. This is what the Meteor.isCordova boolean is all about.

Still, I recommend to learn some of the Cordova basics, especially how to add, configure, and use Cordova plugins. These are required if you want to access hardware functions that are otherwise not accessible from a web browser / web view. The relevant docs can be found here:

It helps if you first try out plain-vanilla Cordova app samples (i.e. without Meteor) to learn how Cordova works in principle and then switch over to the “Meteor way”, which does many things automatically, and others in a bit different way (e.g. a mobile-config.js does not exist in plain-vanilla Cordova).

EDIT: If you want to target iOS, you should also dive a bit into handling Xcode. And you have to learn how to bundle and sign your apps for Android, too. This gets important once you want to publish them to the app stores.

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I have used this app, It’s a great app. But I find this app very huge and difficult to understand, also this app consists lot of things other than cordova.

Just let me know, is there any difference when you create app in meteor for android and Web?
As per me for creating apps in meteor, you need to just make it responsive and add android platform to it. and you are done.
Please guide me to the right path if I am incorrect