Lamhieu:meteorx Exposing some of the internal Meteor API prototypes


meteorhacks:meteorx has been out of maintenance for a long time so I decided to fork and maintain it in the future, now it’s available with the new Meteor version (1.7+), the project is renamed to lamhieu:meteorx

exposing some of the internal Meteor API prototypes.

#MeteorJS #MeteorX #hacks


Would be nice to have a bit more descriptive If i were you i woulda at least show how to unblock subscription or how to control mergebox.


thanks for suggest, I will description more in README!


I still seem to be having the 1.8.1 issues with your package:

Meteor 1.8.1-beta.8

W20181209-21:24:01.331(2)? (STDERR) TypeError: Cannot read property 'constructor' of undefined
W20181209-21:24:01.331(2)? (STDERR)     at exposeSubscription (packages/meteorhacks_meteorx.js:61:41)
W20181209-21:24:01.331(2)? (STDERR)     at exposeLivedata (packages/meteorhacks_meteorx.js:31:5)
W20181209-21:24:01.332(2)? (STDERR)     at packages/meteorhacks_meteorx.js:175:1
W20181209-21:24:01.332(2)? (STDERR)     at packages/meteorhacks_meteorx.js:200:4
W20181209-21:24:01.332(2)? (STDERR)     at packages/meteorhacks_meteorx.js:208:3 


Sorry it was two other packages that were importing the old meteorx package.


Thank for used lamhieu:meteorx, if you have any problem, please open issues for me. :smile: