Landing Page Designs for Meteor Apps

Do folks have any recommendations for good designers? Basically, just looking to have a landing page designed for my app, and my own design skills are pretty lacking. If you know ballpark pricing for a “typical” landing page (however you choose to interpret that) that would help too.

Hopefully this is appropriate to this forum. Thanks.

I buy mine for $10—$25 on Saves a large amount of cash. You can always get a more unique design done if your app takes off.

I don’t have any designer recommendations, but @timfletcher makes a good recommendation.

If you want free, and these kits suit your style, check out the “Freebies” section here: You’ll have to scroll down about 75% down the page.

great, thanks for the suggestions @timfletcher and @generalledger

@timfletcher and @generalledger and anyone that has an opinion… do you integrate the landing page into your app itself or use some other service to host the landing page and just link over to your app?

Like everything, it depends :grin: But here are some factors to consider…

If you think you want customized functionality on your landing page, for example, if you were to run a contest or giveaway to promote your app, you might want to use Meteor. Also, if you want your landing page to be on the same domain as the app, then it also makes sense to use Meteor. But, if your landing page is truly a static page and if your app is on a different subdomain (e.g. then it might make sense to have the landing page hosted separately.

I built the landing page my my app in the same app as meteor. The biggest downside that I can think of would be that it increase the overall app download size even if the user is skipping the landing page and going straight into the app. Might be able to mitigate some of this with 1.3