Launch Meteor as ROOT in GitLab CI

I try to configure a CI in GitLab but I am stuck with a problem.
Meteor don’t want to be run as root but the CI is run as root.

I am using a node dock and here is my commands:

# Official framework image. Look for the different tagged releases at:
image: node:latest
# Meteor Installation
- curl -o
- chmod +x
- sed -i "s/type sudo >\/dev\/null 2>&1/\ false /g"
- ./
- export PATH=$PATH:~/.meteor/
   - meteor run
   - meteor test

I am using a shared runner on GitLab so it’s not launched in a server that I can modify…
Someone can help me?

If you really have to run meteor as root, you can use the --allow-superuser option. Running meteor as root in any environment is still advised against, but for the full backstory see the following:

Thank you hwilison!
No solution to avoid the big warning message? Getting big log ^^

Even with METEOR_ALLOW_SUPERUSER or --allow-superuser, permissions in your app
directory will be incorrect if you ever attempt to perform any Meteor tasks as
a normal user. If you need to fix your permissions, run the following command
from the root of your project:

  sudo chown -Rh <username> .meteor/local

I have the same and can’t solve it… solution someone??? we been stuck here 3 days help