Launch-screen package automatically available?


I am finding that the ‘LaunchScreen’ object is available automatically in a project without the need for added it via meteor add launch-screen. Should this be happening? If so, should the documentation be changed?

The documentation at led me to believe that this package would need to be added to a project for use. In fact, if you do a ‘meteor add launch-screen’, you get ‘launch-screen: Default and customizable launch screen on mobile.’ And, if you do a ‘meteor list’ after added it to the project, you get ’launch-screen 1.0.2 Default and customizable launch screen on mobile. in the list packages in the project.

However, if you create a brand new project, without adding the package, the LaunchScreen object is available.

I ask the above due to some issues I am trying to track down on how application launching works between Android and iOS. During my debugging, I specifically removed the package from my project but had accidentally left a var handle = LaunchScreen.hold(); in the project. I was surprised that it did not error when running that line.


Closure on this topic.

The answer is no, it is not a bug in either the code or documentation.


But you can still override the meteor-platform by local meteor-platform package in your app packages/ directory, this local package needs to have a version greater(in semver terms) than the version of meteor-platform reported by meteor list.
here is an old example(mine):

I hope this could help.