Launch Screens in Meteor 1.2


IIUC, Meteor 1.2 doesn’t support iphone6, iphone6p_portrait, etc. in mobile-config.js

Of course, these are available in Meteor 1.3, but that’s not an option for me right now. Is there a preferred method to obtaining these in Meteor 1.2? I’m a bit tired of the galaxy/meteor default launch screen being shown to my users with the newer iphones. Should we modify the Cordova assets and configuration post-meteor-build? Is there some way to do it in meteor?

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As far as I know, the Cordova version bundled with Meteor 1.2 doesn’t include these launch screen formats either. So I think your best option is to find a way to upgrade to Meteor 1.3 (which I would recommend to any mobile developer regardless, because hot code push is much more performant and reliable).


I agree with @martijnwalraven, Meteor 1.2 mobile projects are unreliable, unfortunately. You can end up with users with broken apps that would require reinstall to work properly again, which could result in some pretty harsh Play/App Store reviews. So better upgrade to 1.3. The good news is you don’t have to opt-in to use modules system immediately, your code should work with 1.3 with only minor tweaks, if any.


I wish I could agree, but upgraing to 1.3 caused me so many problems on mobile that rendered iOS and android apps useless for two different reasons…

The iOS app got pat the launch screen and then hung on “fetching data…” (i.e. the subscriptions clearly weren’t receiving data) The xCode error messages spit out something like “navigation type not allowed”. Tell me about Meteor 1.3 “just working”, because it definitely didn’t.

On Android, the problem is more subtle. Basically, it gets past the launch screen and fetches the data… and then “hot code reloads” 5 seconds later. This process is repeated over and over again even though I’m not pushing any more code.

Whereas with Meteor 1.2, my apps run perfectly on iOS and Android and Hot code actually works. The only successful way I can see upgrading to 1.3 is by meteor create blankApp, and slowly convert it to my app.

@martijnwalraven you say hot code push is more reliable? Looks like a ton of meteor users seem to disagree. Apparently hot code push simply doesn’t work on android? Yeah – not going to take that risk. I can tell you right now that it works on Meteor 1.2 :stuck_out_tongue:


Have you tried remote debugging with Safari (for iOS) or Chrome (for Android)?


Not yet – I don’t think that would fix the hot-code reload problems?


I suspect the issue is that there are either JavaScript or network errors and these cause the hot code pushed version to be reverted. These errors could be caused by the upgrade to the new Cordova versions, outdated plugins, etc.


It’s a long shot, but how are you testing your mobile apps? Are they locally, or on a remote server? If they’re on a remote server, did you remember to push the 1.3 version to it? I once had problems because I forgot to push my server code and wondered why the client doesn’t work as expected :slight_smile:.