Launched an MMO like EvE Online with Meteor!

Holy smokes man I’ve been trying to build this for so long…

Come give it a whirl and let me know what you think :slight_smile: Happy to answer any questions about it.


Cool! I love EvE, just don’t have the time to play it anymore. If it is a more casual version of eve, it could be interesting.

As a concept it is very interesting. It seems very rough to get into right now though, with the UI being pretty bare.

  • I keep selecting/highlighting a large portion of the UI text accidentally, should not be able to highight text.
  • The UI is transparent so it is very hard to read (a lot of white on white near planets)
  • the top right box makes no sense, seems buggy, as does most of the info boxes really. Icons with no text, undefined text, no labels for things, inconsistent alignment of text
  • Movement is incredibly janky, no animations, just buggily jumping around when holding right click
  • I can select things in the overview, but find no way to interact with things
  • no Indication whether something is interactive or not with the cursor

You seem to have some cool features for getting the data and objects in the overview though.
As it is right now though, I can’t really play it. I’d steal more from Eve really.

Good luck with the project!

Heheh thanks man! Yeah ran into some server issues, my system jobs got jammed up. Had 20 players jump on and CPU maxed. Fixed now!

Thanks for the feedback I’ll look at making a UI option to set opacity.

I friggin love Meteor!

Also click on a Starcity, Asteroid or Player and that’ll update that specific box… but yeah should set values on planets