Launched my first MeteorJS iOS/Android app

Hi Meteor folks,

This summer holiday I was inspired to build a fully responsive routeplanner for iOS and Android. Although Im a programmer and not a designer I’m really glad with the UX/UI.

Functionality: It has distance calculation, elevation profile, multiple map providers, route finder, review system, GPX import/export. Above all it is useful to navigate in unknown territories, because it automatically follows the track you created.

iOS version
Android version
Web version



Congratulations I just tried! It is very useful and very functional.

You may also find interesting to add this plugin in order to have a compass on map:

or adding meteor pkg:
meteor add stefcud:leaflet-compass

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Nice plugin! Seems very useful, since many people expect it from google maps.

Thanks :slight_smile:

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Well done :slight_smile:

So what step did you follow to build this and what’s advise on making one like this? (live maps in RN)


Cool. Are you planning to OpenSource this?

  1. Use leafletjs, check out the API and some of the plugins available. Lots of cool stuff you can think of if you need ideas. Nothing in particular is really hard if you have experience with MeteorJS. Keep it stupid simple :sunglasses:

  2. Check for inspiration.

Some extras that I used:

  • SlideoutJS for the menu on mobile
  • WkWebview on iOS, Crosswalk on Android
  • geolocation-plus, perfect-scrollbar

Unfortunately this app is not going to be open sourced. Premium features are going to be added :wink:

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