Lazy load images?

I have a large landing page with some big images.

Does it make sense to somehow “lazy load” the images (and if yes, how)? Or does Meteor take care for this?

If you are considering loading the images after the page is loaded, why are the images on the landing page? Is it because they are near the bottom?

Meteor doesn’t do anything for you here, but I’m sure there is a nice library somewhere for loading some important images first and deferring the others.

Indeed. I need a kind of lazy load of images on scrolling down.

I need only the images to be lazy loaded (for SEO purposes I want the full text preloaded). So pages package with infitine scroll does not work for me.

Is there a package for this? I could not find one.

I used jQuery unveil for this a few years ago:
You basically set up data-src attributes on the images you want to lazy load, and then you execute the unveil plugin once the parent template has rendered.

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This looks great.

Thank you!

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