Lazy load source bundles with new numtel:lazy-bundles package

I have refactored numtel:publicsources and numtel:privatesources packages into a single package, now called numtel:lazy-bundles.

Now the code is shared between the two modes and the follow new features have been implemented:

  • Glob file patterns allowed in bundle descriptions (e.g. *.js)
  • Minified output option available
  • Test application created

With the new codebase and test application, it should be much easier for anybody to jump in and add new features. Maybe somebody wants to write a Flow router integration?

I wanted to make it so that bundles could be described directly in your application code instead of in isolated json files but without a method for sending messages between the Meteor host process and the application server process to talk to the build plugin at runtime, I see no way to do this. I did not want to open another network port just to send messages about bundle creation.

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