Learned React, what's next?

I spent quite a lot of time learning React and now I want to put it in use with Meteor.
But I don’t know what needs to be change or add to move from Blaze to React.
Like forms, router, how to use redux and collection together, etc…
So any advises?

Minimongo performs the same task as Redux, you don’t actually need Redux in a pure meteor web-app. You might wanna go with react-router.

But I think in some cases, redux is useful that I can keep track of everything’s happening in just a single store.
I found this series, what do you think about that?

Learned React, what’s next?

internship with my company? presently 80% into a Meteor React w/Redux project, so you could learn from our CTO while contributing to a real project :wink:


One of the most helpful tips I can give is to limit your Google searches for guides to the last few months. React + Tracker container for meteor come in a lot of flavors and there still isn’t any great package, I prefer Tracker-Compoent.
On GitHub I have a couple repos labeled planetx, the todos one has lots of references and tutorials marked throughout and commented on. The voting machine is cleaner code but younger and less documented.

How we redux is an ok tutorial, it got me started, but it was a lot of research after that before I got to where I am. Also, everyone should RTFM: guide.meteor.com


Interesting! Tracker helped me a lot!