Learning Meteor again, currently any resources like discover meteor back in the day

Hi All,

After a few years I am back seriously “toying” with Meteor. The first time round I learned Meteor with the discover meteor book was an amazing resource. I wrote quite a few smaller apps but never really published them.

Now I am back after 3-4 years and I forgot a lot of things about Meteor and its a bit of pain to learn it again, but as I am progressing slowly, it already feels a lot better.

I am thinking of still using Blaze as its so cool (to me) and as I don’t want to learn React. I am not a developer and need a prototype built to attract interest as easy as possible

My question is wether there are any other resources people recommend.

  • docs.meteor.com and the todo’s app is great and I am using those a lot.
  • is discover meteor (the book) still kind of ok to use actually?
  • are there any other newer books or resources on Meteor people recommend. Can be a paying online course too.


There is also the companion to the docs, the guide. Other than that I know only of The Meteor Chef. Currently, things are a bit in a flux.

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Check LevelUpTuts on Youtube he has up-to-date Meteor videos.


LevelUpTuts videos are awesome. Check also his videos about Vue.js if you like Blaze, and there is already an integration for Meteor.
If you prefer reading text, check meteor-tuts, complete and pretty up-to-date.


If you hate React (like me) but still want to keep up with Vdom family, then you can try MithrilJS instead. Here, I made one simple crud generator in less than a hundred lines

Just clone, and meteor run

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thanks everyone! really helps.


You can check this boilerplate with react and react router PUP

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