Learning Meteor and whole website development



I’m new here, I want to learn website development. The main reason I’m creating this topic is to ask it’s good to learn JavaScript & Meteor using Meteor Tutorials/Guides? I’m not familiar with JavaScript and I think best learning is doing something (practice). I have basics of programming (HTML, CSS, XML, MySQL/MariaDB, Java, C#, SQL etc.). I’m really in love with this framework by doing some tutorials, now I need to know if I’m in good path of learning new programming language and new framework?



I would start by reading this series of books:


Thank you very much. I will start read right now! :eyeglasses:


I would say start a project, something that deals with databases, users etc, something you can’t do presently, then start troubleshooting your problems one by one, its a great way to learn.


This is also a good way to get a high-level view of things using meteor:

Then I’d look into learning Node/Express using either react or angular. You won’t find many jobs for meteor unless you’re in the top 100 meteor devs worldwide (if you search SO right now there are like 5 jobs and 3 active jobs on weworkmeteor). But using meteor and the above tutorial is a quick way to see how a real application comes together. Then just see how it is normally done in the real with with Node/Express…

express/react-router/ui-router = flowrouter

react/angular = blaze

mongoose = SimpleSchema


When I learn everything I will try freelancing, I will develop websites with Meteor for individual people or maybe for companies. But as you said I will try how it’s normally done in the real with Node.js/Express or hapi.js. I will choose which way is better for me, but I think I will be with Meteor, because it comes with everything included and you simple need start develop. I don’t know how it works with bigger projects relating with performance/bugs etc., but right now I can’t resist “hot code push” feature :mask:

Thank you again ‘a.com’, I really appreciate that :wink:


I’d go with meteor if you’re not worried about finding employment and will just do gigs for people who don’t care if you use meteor. Meteor is definitely the way to go in that situation.


I think you can live good if you’re freelancer that’s why I will try that, I don’t know how it will be with Meteor, because people will need support in future and when they see this framework, they can refuse work with me, because it’s hard to find developer who knows Meteor, but I will give a try, because working with Meteor is really pleasure as I said before. Day by day Meteor community will grow as well as framework and I think it’s better start right now since you have 1.3 version which is pretty stable for small/normal or even big projects. But you know maybe my words right now is useless, because I don’t even started make REAL projects. I will update this topic in future with more information how it was for me from learning to earning money (freelancing projects for individual people or maybe companies). :sunglasses: