Learning Meteor & I have a few questions


I am coming from a Ruby on Rails background. Am I right to think Meteor can do everything that Rails can but more?

It seems that the Discover Meteor book is outdated, is it still worth the read or should I find something else? Do you have any suggestions?

I am interested in file uploads, specifically images. I have found some old posts on SO and it seems it was not very well supported in the past. Have things changed?


I think DM is still a good read. Sacha does a good job of explaining some tricky topics, and the book definitely helped me pick on things like pub/sub more quickly than had I been piecing together bits and pieces of blogs.

That being said, I’d check out The Meteor Chef. They have lots of great recipes and snippets, and if you’ve spent some time in RoR, a lot of the concepts may already make sense to you.

This is a completely random ballpark, but anything written before 2016 should probably be thought of as worth a second look or comparison to modern posts/articles about the topic.


Another good resource is “Meteor in Action” by Manning Publications. It is also outdated but there are some chapters of it that are still relevant.


If you plan to use Angular 2 as front end with Meteor. Check the official Angular2-Meteor Socially tutorial. It is always try to stay with the latest Angular 2 and Meteor.

It cover file upload, pagination, ionic, etc. And there are some branch working on ionic 2, SEO, etc.


Hi @vigorwebsolutions. Thank you for your response. Would you recommend that I start with Discover Meteor, and then move to the new 1.4 Todo tutorial and continue from there?

@Hongbo_Miao This looks great. I have actually been learning Angular 2. Thanks very much!

aerocoder I was looking at this last night. Thanks.


I’m not sure if it matters which one you start with. It’s really more about learning the key topics/conepts:

  • Templating
  • Pub/Sub (or your data layer?)
  • Accounts
  • Run/Build/Deployment

I’d say whichever book/blog/etc. that fits your learning/reading style is the best. Some of the ones I read:

Meteor Tips
Anything from Arunoda
Discover Meteor
The Meteor Chef
Many of These Pitfalls Are Still Valid
Many good articles here and here and here.


Be sure to take a look at the meteor guide which is the go to place for best practices. Also as mentioned anything from arunoda, meteor hacks, Discover Meteor etc…


If you learned Angular 2, and want to use with Meteor,

Have a look for Desugar Angular 2, Meteor, RxJS 5, and ngrx.


I saw you are interested in Image,

Angular2-Meteor Socially tutorial right now covers uploading image to MongoDB.

For me, I am using AWS S3 to save image, and use AWS Lambda for resizing to get thumbnail. And will write a tutorial for this part in the future too.


Thank you! This is great. I am currently getting started with Discover Meteor to understand the fundamentals of the framework.