Learning Meteor + IoT + Mqtt + InfluxDB


I just started learning Meteor and React and would like to jump into an App to write something useful at the same time I learn.

I already have a, somewhat good, IoT setup at home, getting data from about 50 sensors using Mqtt, InfluxDB, Node-Red and Grafana, and would like to write a Meteor App so I can create tailored dashboards for different needs and include some additional intelligence and automation into the system.

Can any one direct me to an example Meteor App using InfluxDB in the server displaying data in the client?

I’m spend some hours trying to stablish a connection to my InfluxDB using the node-influx module in Meteor´s server/main.js but I’m unable to make it work.

some python code here to get data from InfluxDB and put into Mongodb : https://github.com/damancusonqn/wb-datalogger

did you look at this repo : https://github.com/vicanso/influxdb-nodejs ?

Thank you.

The first one with the connection to InfluxDB in Python is not valid for me as I would like to make everything in Node.js to avoid increasing the complexity.

I tried with the second but can’t make it work.

I hope somebody comes with a node-influx module example I can use.