Learning Meteor React - Meteor Club Podcast

I really enjoyed diving into this topic with Bonnie and @benstr, I think it is worth taking a listen about Learning React Native.


I’ve been debating the Cordova vs React Native route for a while. Rest assured, this episode helped push me to look much more into React Native. I bought Bonnie’s book two days ago and am thoroughly enjoying it.

Thanks for a great topic and show @joshowens

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Awesome, thanks for listening @devan!

I am looking forward to seeing what @martijnwalraven cooks up in his mad scientist laboratory :wink:

No joke, easy DDP integration sounds awesome. Or perhaps the new GraphQL stuff might make it easier to get ReactNative and Meteor sitting in a tree…

Actually, now I am curious if @martijnwalraven has put much thought into DDP vs Reactive GraphQL for React Native?

I know people are using React Native and DDP together (see this recent blog post for instance), but I think Reactive GraphQL promises to be a better match for mobile scenarios, especially when considering offline support. Also, we’re building this as an NPM package from the start, which should make it easier to use with React Native. Longer term, we may want a tighter integration with the Meteor build system, including hot code push, but a decoupled solution makes sense in the meantime.


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