Learning Resources - What do you wish/need?

Hey guys,

Over the next few weeks I will dedicate myself full-time to writing Meteor tutorials. Some of them are already planned, but I would like to hear content suggestions from you. Obviously I can only write about what I truly understand, but someone else can read this thread and get interested in writing a tutorial on their own.

What would you like to learn?
What do you think could be a valuable resource for those getting started with Meteor?
What features would you like to add to your app, but don’t really know how to do it right?

Anxiously waiting for ideas :slight_smile:

Obs: All tutorials will be posted on Zentorial: https://www.zentorial.com/


Hi! Glad to read about it! I’d be interested in the following tutorials:

  • Using modern MongoDB features for solving common problems (reactive joins, atomicity)
  • Project structure in 2019 (dynamic imports, ‘meteor.mainModule’ etc.)
  • Vue + Meteor: best practice
  • Vue + Meteor: state management

Not something that I need, but there’s been a lot of questions around SSR on the forums recently


Testing, how to set up CI.


Great effort @patrickcneuhaus.

There are a lot of questions/mis-conceptions on performance as well.


Thanks for the replies, guys. Testing, Performance, Project Structure and SSR are definitely on my list. As to Vue, unfortunately I am not very familiar with it, so someone else will have to take over. :slight_smile:

When you guys have a minute, here’s a short survey on educational resources:

A lot of great insights are coming from here, which I will soon post


It’s easy to get started but once you build more complex apps thats where it gets the most interesting.

Performance, Project Structure and SSR I would be interested in as well. Other ideas:

  • advanced techniques like Meteor specific patterns on the client and in Blaze to abstract and simplify views.
  • advanced concepts or patterns how to write methods. Are the techniques in the meteor guide still the recommended ones?
  • advanced mongo concepts

As someone who joined Meteor pretty early on, I’m interested in something on migrating from BlazeJS to React (or something even more modern). Maybe most people have moved on already though.


Agree with these. It would be great if they included suggested packages that are being maintained.

Would also like to see a guide on creating an API for native clients.


Agree as well, would be very helpful to see these tutorials

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