Leave Tab Open - Come back later - SLOW?

Hi all, I’m running an MMO with Meteor at www.StarCommanderOnline.com

When a user first connects, everything is great! Smooth, happy data subscriptions.

When I either go AFK a bit, or switch tabs a while, my data subscription has slowed down.

I MUST refresh the browser to get data subscriptions back to normal.

Any idea what’s going on?

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i’m interested with this as well

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In Chrome you have background tab throttling

More info here:

I’m aware of background tab throttling… but when that tab comes back in to FOCUS - everything is still really slow.

I have the solution to this problem.

meteor install mizzao:user-status

Go through the package docs,

I have a function to resubscribe the data after a long idle to tab refocus. Kinda bummy that it needs to be done, but it’s fixed my app.

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