Lepozepo:s3 vs edgee:slingshot

Does someone have experience with these 2 packages? I’ve seen that edgee:slingshot is far more popular, but lepozepo:s3 seems to have more features (for example you can delete files). Is there any reason for which edgee.slingshot is more popular, or is just because it’s older?

I recently did a project with lepozepo and it was extremely easy to use and had all the features I needed. In addition, I found it was very flexible as well. I would highly recommend it.


Thanks for the answer :slight_smile:

I use edgee:slingshot and it’s been great. I started using it a long time ago (about 1.5 years) so I don’t know if lepozepo:s3 was on the radar back then.