Less package broken for 1.1 release? [solved]


After updating to 1.1 release the reported error is:

client/lib/custom.bootstrap.less:1629:18: Less compiler error: variable @form-group-margin-bottom is undefined

To fix remove the less package. Which obviously means less files are no longer auto compiled.

(actually this should be reported in Github as an issue, however there is no direct link on Atmosphere for the less package !?)


You don’t need to remove less package. You just need to remove the client/lib/custom.bootstrap.less file (it will auto-regenerate itself) and restart the server.


Not in my experience. Yes, it will recreate the file, but the error will persist.


To fix it it I could remove all the less files and keep the custom.bootstrap.json file @sebastianb. Obviously this could cause a loss of all my project styles …


It’s more of a bootstrap issue than less itself. We’re using nemo64:bootstrap package and after update we had the same problem as you have now. In our case regenerating custom.bootstrap.import.less file did the job as it didn’t have the new bootstrap changes inside. Here’s what has to be changed in order for bootstrap to work: https://github.com/Nemo64/meteor-bootstrap/issues/42

Hope it helps


That explains a lot. Thank’s for the help.