Let's auto-generate mobile-config.js & resources for Cordova


Cordova works great but getting an app ready for production has a major annoyance: creating all the icons and splash screens for Android and iOS.

You need to create over 20 splash screen files and ~50 icon files to cover all your bases for Android and iOS. And if you need to change something… maybe you’re better off grabbing a beer.

It would be pretty neat if Meteor had a solution where you:

  1. Upload a high resolution image of an icon and a splash screen
  2. Set the desired Cordova configuration visually
  3. Upon submit, get back a downloadable folder with the scaled images and mobile-config.js file pre-configured

I think we should build it. I’m up for designing it but need someone to help me with the back-end. Would someone like to do this with me, or would you guys be willing to crowdfund hiring someone off-shore? With the off-shore route, I think we can easily get it done in Rails/Django.

On a side note, I’ve seen some generators out there but I couldn’t get their stuff to fit with Meteor’s way. I think it would be really nice if we had an up-to-date, Meteor-specific solution. It could be designed to educate people about Cordova for Meteor as they use it too.


Been there, hated the asset creation and went to an online tool. However, I think we should be able to get this done without a web app and rather a package that adds a build step to take a specific single image and turn it into the required assets. I’d hate to go to a website, upload an image, download the results into my app - just let me do it all within my dev context. I am already typing something into terminal, so why not

`meteor add community:create-mobile-assets-ios`

Then read the image path from the settings file and - bam - we’re done at the next meteor build :slight_smile:


This might be a good starting point:


I like the idea of a package that does this. I’ll throw something together quick.


Linking to the double post from crater. http://crater.io/posts/QHNZzJNKzuxhK2mxE


@slava Ah, that one points here :slight_smile: looks like we created an infinity loop.

@andrewreedy looking forward to seeing what you cook up

Help building icons and splash pages for Android (hybrid) and iOS app

Check it https://github.com/meteorhybrid/asset-builder

I’m going to have predefined types for all of the standard platform icons and also allow you to do custom resizes / % optimizations for normal images to help with load speed.



Thank you!
Well done - looking forward to all the other stuff you want to add.


Asset builder doesn’t appear to create splash images or a mobile-config.js file for you.

If you need either of those things: