Let's Encrypt support in Galaxy?


Will Galaxy support Let’s Except in the future? There is now support for it in aws, so it seems possible to update the containers/deploy scripts to give us free certificates.


Native support would be awesome!

Here are my steps to get it working if you’re trying to do it manually. Guide: Setting up LetsEncrypt SSL on Galaxy



At last encrypting has been made easy so that there are no excuses to not encrypt. It would really be worth considering to add Let’s Encrypt support for Meteor Galaxy, since secure connection is recommended by Meteor Galaxy. Everyone would enable secure connection, if it is practically just a checkbox from the user’s point of view.


We are working hard to provide an automated ability to enable and maintain Let’s Encrypt SSL certificates for any application on Galaxy.

This will allow you to, in one click, enable SSL encryption for your application.

We’ll announce on our blog when this available.


Wonderful! :thumbsup:


This will be one of the most—if not THE most—advanced deployment capabilities around, and arguably the way it “should have been” for a long time now (I mean the whole Let’s Encrypt philosophy). Highly anticipating this for my own app that I just now deployed on Galaxy. Excellent work, please keep it up!


Any chance there’s any idea of when we might look for this yet? :smiley:


Hi! This is now available in Galaxy - we announced it in May here:


Oh wow, amazing! Not sure how I missed the announcement, and it also didn’t turn up in Googling X-)