Lib and Public folders in Meteor 1.3 with React

I am trying to import icons which would formerly have been in the public folder and sub-schemas which are independent of collections which would formerly have been in the lib folder with the collections.

How should we import/export sub-schemas that are used over multiple collections? I have tried to retain a convention of exporting from a lib/collections.js file, but my sub-schemas (meta and admin) are not being imported as they are not attached to a collection. If I move them to the server I have issues attaching them to the collections in lib.

The example is throwing Meta is required from (server/configs/initial_adds.js:18:22) in the attached files. If I define the Meta sub-schema in the schemas/Constellations.js file the error disappears, but that is not a real solution as the sub-schemas are used across many collections.


I also have svg files in the public folder that I need to access in the client components. Should they be in the client folder? I have tried moving them there with an index.js file to import/export them but that is not working either. I have also tried moving the lib and public directories to an /imports folder but that doesn’t seem to work (with Mantra?) and really I just want to know what is the standard way of handling this? Or even something that just works.

(Using mantra-core to build the app.)