Lightweight DDP client on Unity3D


I started a small DDP client library for Unity3D.

The existing library Meteor-Unity was not covering my special use case, so I decided to write my own lib for my own usage.

My lib is only a DDP client. No MiniMongo at the moment, the user has to store himself the data if he wants/needs to. I might port the user logging feature from Meteor-Unity at some point.

Feedback is welcome.


Hi, I updated my library.

Now it has the same features that Meteor-Unity (login/logout/local DB), and it works well with documents which do not have a fixed structure.

This looks pretty interesting, will have to take a look. I was a full time Meteor dev but I’m now splitting my time between Meteor and Unity as I’ve just released a game on Steam. I’ve been looking at using node/ with Unity for multiplayer but this could be fun to try out too.

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