Limit access to Template global in browser console?


Is there a way to hide the list of templates while checking Template global in browser console? As now one can write Template. in browser console and see complete structure of the app…


Even if this wasn’t the case you could easily load up the app’s code in a JS editor and see all of the templates. Are you specifically trying to protect against people using the console knowing what templates exist, or is there some security issue you are worried about?


It is more kind of precaution and sort of ‘eternal need’ of obfuscation… :slight_smile: Or at least an intention of knowing the types of hacking or reverse engineering methods of Meteor apps…

As I understand with local scoped templates (using for example peerlibrary:blaze-components package) this won’t be the case? Or am I missing something?


Perhaps. I’m just saying if you want to stop people from reverse engineering your JS code you would need to put in much more work than that. IMO it’s not even worth it.