Link {{pathFor "home"}} - Error


I can not properly configure the link to a template.
I have a template and a template addFriends home. accesible from the drop-down menu

I configured “route.js”

Router.route('add', {
name: "addFriends",
template: "addFriends",});

I added the link href:

< a  href="{{pathFor 'addFriends'}}">Add< / a >

Can you help me please !


you have to write them like this now:

<a href="{{pathFor route=''}}">Post Show</a>


It does not work …

But why "post " in { { pathFor route = ’ '} }

What are you write ‘’ ?( Post )


that’s an example route from the guide (you now need to specify route="" after pathFor),

{{pathFor route='addFriends'}}

But, as long as you have that route defined, you can alternatively just write a plain html anchor

<a href="/addFriends">Add friends</a>