List of Meteor + React Tutorials/Courses/Guides

Hi I’m trying hard to learn Meteor + React and it’s pretty hard to find up-to-date resources with all that’s changed. Was hoping to create a list of learning resources and ask for any ones I might have missed. I’ll get started on the ones I know about. Please feel free to add others and I’ll try to keep this updated.

Name: "Meteor & React For Everyone"
Creator: Scott Tolinski on LevelUpTuts
Type: Video Course
Cost: Free ($9 For Pro Membership Access to Extras)
Note: Clear and concise course to get started and build a to-do list app.

Name: "Meteor & React For Realtime Apps"
Creator: Stephen Grinder on Udemy
Type: Video Course
Cost: $30 ($21 with coupon)
Note: Very in-depth course (~9 hours) really explaining React and Meteor and making you understand why you do stuff instead of just copy pasting.

Name: "Social Network with Meteor and React"
Creator: George McKnight on YouTube
Type: Video Tutorial Series
Cost: Free
Note: 21 Video series building out a complex app, but slightly outdated.

Name: "A Study Plan For Meteor 1.3"
Creator: Sacha Greif on Discover Meteor
Type: Article Guide
Cost: Free
Note: A roadmap to know what you need to learn.