@live alternatives for meteor +apollo?

Hi all,

I’m investigating the options for my next project’s tech-stack. Currently, I use meteor + react, and I’m thinking about adding graphql with apollo-client and meteor-apollo. But if I use <Query> and <Mutation> components from react-apollo (which looks great!), how can I add something similar to meteor’s pubsub into the mix? It seems that I’d need the @live directive for this, but it’s still only a proposal. Is there anything similar exist for meteor + apollo projects? Or am I missing something? How do you achieve reactive queries in a react + apollo + meteor server project?

You might be looking for this the below recipe. It integrates Meteor’s DDP system with Apollo.

It integrates the DDP connection, but you can’t simply subscribe to a “publication” (or to a graphql query). I mean let’s say I need the last 10 item from the Items collection. I can create a <Query>, but for a <Subscription> to work, I have to create a lot of boilerplate code (server-side) to publish the items when an item is created, updated or deleted…

I agree on the boilerplate in apollo. Also graphql feels as overkill for many small projects