Live Meteor products price comparison app

Hey Folks,

finally our team launched application fully developed using Meteor.
Main application goal is to show prices from online shops for different products.
At the moment application has more than 500K pages and several millions of the records in the database. And currently flight is good. Average page load speed is about 200ms.

You can check how it works at price comparison application webpage. Currently app is only available in german language.

During development we have solved several problems and written custom solutions:

  1. Pagination including 1,2,3…10 numbers with separate urls for each page.
  2. Navigation urls for categories and products.
  3. Filters for products.
    Filters and pagination in action here.

Any questions and suggestions regarding project improvement are more than welcome!



I love almost everything about it, the layout, effects, colors, how the item thumbnail appears on the left when you scroll down, the fading text when it’s too long, etc.

My only complain is the spinner. You should try to pre-cache stuff from other pages when the user is on a page. The spinner gets annoying after a while. It would also alleviate the disorienting effect of the values flickering for a split of a second when you jump from one product to another.


Hi @manuel ,

Thanks for your feedback and glad that you liked most of the stuff!

We will add pre-caching mechanisms in the near future and report here when it will be accomplished.
It’s really easy to add on the pagination pages and pre-cache adjacent pages, but it is slightly more difficult to pre-cache for example all product pages when visitor is on the products list page. But we will try to find optimal solution here.
Thanks again!


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Hi! I’m building smth a bit similar.
Could you answer some qs (I still haven’t addressed those):
How long did it take you to build from scratch and how many devs you had involved?
What are your hosting options (dedicated server or cloud)?
How do you handle SEO?
How do you market\promote your product?

Also there’s a bug: if you enlarge product image and then click back - nothing happens. Fix your routing)

Hey @avalanche1,

thanks for your interest.
We have been working on the project around a year involving 2-2.5 developers, excluding of course design and markup.
For this project we use dedicated servers, but cloud servers could be simply used as well. This doesn’t matter.
SEO is handled by internal Meteor mechanisms.

Thanks for pointing us to the bug, it occurs due to usage of external fotorama plugin for images. We’ll fix that soon.