Live Screencast 10PM EST - Basics of integrating socialize packages


So after watching @elfoslav struggle here to integrate my socialize:friendships package due to lacking documentation, I decided I couldn’t let other developers have the same issues. So I’ll be updating the docs over the next week and tonight I’ll be streaming live to give a brief explanation of how the packages work and then implement the friendship package into elfoslav’s facebook clone repo. Watch Live at 10pm EST


So it looks like I’ve scheduled this at the same time as meteor devshop… not intended but I’m going to go ahead with it any way as I’ve already moved it from yesterday and my time is limited.


+1 for a Socialize DevShop talk! :slight_smile:


@copleykj can we have another one where you demonstrate how to integrate other socialize packages like messaging etc?

Also some noob friendly guidance about –
if someone wants to use just some functionality of the packages without using all the rest of the bells and whistles

will be appreciated.


@kaiyes I will definitely try to squeeze something in. I’m also working on an app that integrates all of the packages into a functional social network, but as I’m working 70+ hours a week at this point my spare dev time is extremely limited and comes down to a choice of writing code or sleeping at this point :stuck_out_tongue: (This can be an extremely tough choice). I will definitely see if I can set aside some time to make another video or two.

As the comment about using some functionality. What I mean is that I’ve broken the what could just be a whole social network application into a set of packages that can be used individually so that if you just want the messaging part, you are not adding the functionality of an entire social network just to get that piece.


@copleykj if there is any way I could help I’d love to, I’m using your socialize packages in my app and wouldn’t want to duplicate efforts.