Live today - Meteor and PWAs

Hello, I’m going to talk about Meteor and PWAs in a live today at 2 PM (UTC-4) on my Zoom, connect using this link . Everyone is invited to join, everyone! Don’t be afraid to show up and speak!

This is not a presentation, this is a space for us to interact :slight_smile:

Of course I’ll show some code that I’m using to create PWAs with Meteor like

We already had one last week about GraphQL (watch here) and we are going to have one almost every week! I’m open to suggestions about topics.

We also have a special channel on Slack for #lives

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What time is that Pacific Time? I’m posting this around 9:26am PT. I see it is 4:26pm right now UTC time. So -4 would make it 12:26pm UTC-4. So that would mean the call is in about 1 and a half hours, or around 11am Pacific time. Is that about right? :slight_smile:

I am posting this at 5:33pm GMT+1…live starts 2:33 from now, that’s 7:33pm Nigeria time.

See here:

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Yes, this clock is correct :wink:

It’s starting now

Ok…joining now :smile:

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I had another video call at the same time, so I missed a lot. Will the video from this be posted here?

Video is here

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I watched the video and learned a ton. Thanks, @filipenevola!

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@filipenevola Referring to the video, I added PWA to my app. :slight_smile:

  • Are the files from the video demonstrating the use of OneSignal, available for download?
  • When not using the OneSignal service worker, what sw.js do you use? I scrubbed through the video but didn’t yet spot the place where that was mentioned.

Thanks very much in advance for the info!

Update: Found it at 33:41NitroBAY/meteor-service-worker.