Llama 3 - Poem about MeteorJS

Just installed the new Llama 3 8B with ollama.com and did this to check it out:

Write a poem about MeteorJS

Meteor’s might, a force so bright,
A framework born of passion and light.
In 2011, it first took flight,
With the goal to build apps fast and right.

Its creators sought to break the mold,
Of traditional development, young and old.
They crafted a system, strong and bold,
To help developers build, without growing cold.

Meteor’s power lies in its core,
A combination of Node.js and more.
It uses MongoDB for data storage tight,
And handles routing with ease and might.

With Blaze, a templating engine keen,
Meteor makes it easy to build apps serene.
Your HTML, CSS, and JavaScript all combine,
To create a seamless user experience that’s divine.

Its real-time reactivity, a feature so grand,
Updates your app without a single command.
And with its package manager, Meteor’s got game,
Installing dependencies with ease, no need to explain.

From simple blogs to complex apps galore,
Meteor’s flexibility makes it a developer’s score.
So here’s to Meteor, a framework true,
A tool that helps developers build something new.

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