Load Content on scroll up

Hi guys,
I am stuck with a load on scroll issue in chatting app( Front End - BLAZE ). I am trying to load 10 content when page renders, and when i scroll down then another batch of next 10 content( From Mongo DB Collection ) should be appended up. Is there any ready to use package to do so ?

If no then can someone suggest, what should i use when user scroll up. Should i use session or should i go with reactive war to keep the count of how many times user has scrolled up(Or how many times content has been loaded before). i am still confused about difference between session and Reactive Var.

hello @AkhileshChandel ,
There are some packages already.
Try these-

Thanks for replying . Your project was helpful. I had a look at project files and took some ideas, how this could work and finally wrote my own code. thanks Once again.

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