Loading image from url show after reload only

I’m storing URLs in mongo and images on Amazon S3. When loading a page for the first time, the images are not loaded. Only a reload of the page makes the images appear. What am I missing? Thanks!

<template name="pic">
  <img src="{{url}}"/>

Can it be that your subscription to your image collection isn’t ready?

@jamgold maybe I’m not understanding your question, but I’m starting out with one single collection that stores the image url and associated metadata. Everything but the image itself does show up in the browser at first load. Is this because images are stored as files on a bucket on Amazon S3?

How can I make the browser to show the image without having to reload? It seems as if the images themselves are not loaded reactively.

i don’t think this has anything to do with amazon as i’m using the exact same setup and it works like a charm.
can you show us more of your code, maybe the part where you query the collection?

I store images in S3 and only the link in mongo and it is as reactive as the rest of the data. You need to share more of your code for someone to help you

Thanks @jamgold, you were right about subscriptions. I had not set one up as insecure was still installed. I was not aware of the difference in behaviour.