Local collection not persisting on 'BACK' button

I’m defining a local collection like this:
LC = new Mongo.Collection(null);

I then populate the local collection using LC.insert(...);, which works fine (I check the contents and the count (15 documents) and it is as expected).

However, when I route (using iron router) to a different page, then press the back button, the local collection is emptied. I see that the LC.find().count() returns 0 when I press the back button.

Is there a reason why the local collection doesn’t persist across browser navigation?

Probably this code line is evaluated again when you change the route. Where is it located?

@Sanjo I have my router.js which contains all of my routes only;
and another JS file myProgram.js which contains the if(Meteor.isClient) and if(Meteor.isServer blocks), and I define LC = new Mongo.Collection(null) outside of both if(Meteor.isClient) and if(Meteor.isServer) blocks.

Is that the correct way?

LC = new Mongo.Collection(null);


Looks OK to me. But you can place a debugger breakpoint anyway, to be sure.

@Sanjo: I placed a debugger right above the LC = new Mongo.Collection(null) line, and it only executes once when I start up the localhost. That line doesn’t seem to execute again so I don’t know what’s going on.

I should mention that I never removed meteor autopublish so I’m assuming that isn’t the problem…