Local developer communities


I’ve seen great Meteor communities on sites like Google+, Reddit, and Stackoverflow, but I haven’t been able to find a good resource for finding local Meteor developers. I happen to be in Washington, D.C., but I imagine an official place to find local Meteor developers would be helpful to many.


Meteor meetups / nodejs meetups are typically a good way to find Meteor developers. I found the Meteor Chicago group via http://www.meetup.com/ so that could help you out.


@rgoomar Good call, I failed to mention Meetups. I just checked back before making my own group and found a shiny new Meteor DC group.


Glad you found the DC meetup! In general, you can find the Meteor meetup closest to you by going to http://meteor.meetup.com/ and entering your country and city.

If you don’t have one nearby, you can email us at community@meteor.com, and we’ll help you set one up. We can cover meetup.com organizer fees, share tips and resources, connect you with other Meteor meetup organizers, etc.

I want to organize a Meteor day. Any suggestions from people that did it before?