Local MongoDB vs Remote MongoDB

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I am using remote mongoDB from other server outside my project file and it worked. But I still doesn’t know the different between local and remote mongoDB. it seems the same to me about these two things, but I’m really curious about the basic concept why we separate the mongoDB into external server instead of using the local?

Can someone please explain it to me :slight_smile: thank you

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The local MongoDB is installed primarily for rapid development purposes.

The term ‘local’ covers when launching Meteor launches an instance of MongoDB on your behalf. The database files are stored within your project folder at ./meteor/local/db. It is only available when Meteor is run in dev mode.

The term ‘remote’ in this context refers to the use of MongoDB instance that is run independtly of the Meteor launch process.

When you run in production mode, you must set a MongoDB instance that runs independently through the MONGO_URL environment variable.

A remote instance could be on the same server, on the same network or truly remote and therefore outside of your network.

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Hello Everyone
I am agree with you garrilla, You explain very well.
I would like to share a link with you
Here it is https://zappysys.com/blog/ssis-loading-data-into-mongodb-upsert-update-delete-insert/