Local-server-side Collections : new MongoCollection(null), new MongoCollection(null, remote)


Meteor Guide briefly refers to Local Collections Server-side - https://guide.meteor.com/collections.html#local-collections

Someone like to expand on either how they have used this or how it might be useful?

My problem is that there is no viable Meteor Steam (or Streamer) that can allow server to server communications (they allow server<->client only - even tho the underlying DDP would allow server-server), so I am exploring a lighter weight alternative to regular Mongo Collections. It’s purpose is to disseminate temporary state information. Server-server is required, but reasons are a little too complicated to elucidate here - think Electron.

Second question: does Collection(null, remote) makes sense?



If you have a collection with connection = null and on the other server you select the remote that might work? Did you try that?

Another one would be to setup a Dpd connection and use method calls to share the information.

Do you have 1 server and 1 server client or can there be more server clients?