Localhost app deployment

I’m using meteor to build a web app tool to run on localhost.
What will be the preferred way to deploy this kind of app on clients PC’s?


It depends on your use case. When I wanted to have an app working on another PC I would just install Meteor on it, copy app sources to it and then run meteor --production. But it may not be applicable to you :slight_smile:.

Hello M4v3R,
Your solution is the simplest yes, but my preferred solution will be packing it all in some executable and deploying via installation.

Is there a way to do this?

I believe one of the more popular ones is Electron - http://electron.atom.io/ - there are quite a lot of resources for how to use it together with Meteor

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Thanks kzvaigzne! looks interesting!

How to copy all the existing Meteor app and its dependencies in Win 7 host, and then copy to Linux VM? Thanks