Login Button not displaying on Android device

Here is my code

    <div class="center-align">
      {{> loginButtons}}

on desktop:

on mobile:

I greatly appreciate any help!


My script to run the app is:

"MONGO_URL=mongodb://xxxx:yyyy@ds135522.mlab.com:35522/app-name meteor run android-device --mobile-server http://localhost:3000/"


For clarification, the tag that should show the sign in dropdown is missing from the page on mobile (event when inspecting the page)

I have switched to using accounts-base for now, which is working fine.

Well, I thought it was working. Using {{> atForm}} shows the form, but the buttons are not working (sign in / register) Any suggestions?

Can see its a old post, but did you find a solution?, can see many have the same problem, both Andrroid and ios.

install: vuejs:blaze-integration
and then use: