Login to external Mongo DB answers: "Talking to Galaxy servers"


Hi there,

I created a simple (local) app, which I run on default ports. Typing in it’s project folder meteor mongo brings the default mongoldb shell, which correctly says connecting to

I have a second (also local) app, which is used as my admin app. It starts via

MONGO_URL=mongodb:// meteor --port:3030

Which starts the admin app without errors. Everything fine, so far. Now when I want to log in as (previously created) admin, I receive 403 no such user. So I went to check, wether I can login to the “remote” mongo db from the admin app project folder via shell. I typed

meteor mongo

wich then answers:

Talking to Galaxy servers at https://us-east-1.galaxy-deploy.meteor.com

It prompted me a login for user/pwd, which I tried to login with my already created user but it rejects the login.

What is wrong here? Thanks in advance!